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BiU is now
Energy First

Driven to inspire and empower our people to make a positive environmental, and economic, difference for themselves, our clients and the planet.

BiU is now Sustainable Energy First
Current Energy Market

The current market’s energy operational costs for a business have risen from 13.1p/kWh to 69.2p/kWh in two years

We estimate that our current customer base comprises 3.3% of the total UK business CO2e footprint

Both of these energy and carbon statistics are big numbers.

Both we can manage through; renewable energy and carbon trading, revenue recovery, sustainability insights and projects, assured compliance and bill validation.


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We are changing

Why we’re changing

In 2022 BiU became Sustainable Energy First, reflecting our renewed focus on supporting British business to achieve a positive climate impact.

We have committed to steps far beyond a typical “rebrand”. We are repurposing our business.

We will now apply our talent and technology towards improving UK business’ sustainability performance in three specific areas: economic, environmental and social.

We want to help our clients become a positive force for change.

Fashion comes and goes; politicians and political parties come and go. In stark contrast, sustainable businesses contribute to society for hundreds of years, and there are many businesses that have been in existence for over 1000 years.

The effects of climate change are here to stay. They cannot be reversed, but they can be arrested. We still have time to make a change and, right here right now, sustainability is the sensible economic choice and the wise ethical choice. This is our stand.

We are also committed to reducing Sustainable Energy First’s own carbon footprint. We are setting a science-based emissions reduction target this year, in-line with the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi).

How will we deliver on our sustainability goals?

Sustainable Energy First

Economic sustainability

This has never been more important to our customers and prospects. It remains our top priority. We will intensify our efforts to hunt out and deliver tangible opportunities for energy-related cost, consumption and carbon savings.

Environmental sustainability

We’ve invested heavily in services that accelerate clients towards zero carbon emissions. More recent developments include our net zero strategy framework, a renewable energy origination team delivering true green energy projects and the creation of a Sustainable Energy Consortium.

Social sustainability

Our goal is that all of us in Sustainable Energy First will become sustainability changemakers in their own way. Furthermore, our dream is to enable thousands of sustainable baristas, bar managers, finance teams, shopkeepers and manufacturers to make a positive difference. It’s why we’ve created free-to-use online resources for businesses, such as The Energy Advice Hub and Project Net Zero.

Sustainable Energy First

We’re in this together

We estimate that combined, our customer base accounts for 3.3% of the total UK business carbon footprint. By taking a proactive approach to our clients’ decarbonisation challenges, we can make a hugely positive impact.

That’s why we will set a bold target to reduce our customers’ collective carbon footprint. Our energy and carbon platform, Fusion, will capture all carbon reduction opportunities, customer by customer, and report progress towards this common goal.

to power

Enabling thousands of sustainable champions to make a positive difference in their organisation with our free-to-use resources, The Energy Advice Hub and Project Net Zero.

to power

Enabling thousands of sustainable champions to make a positive difference in their organisation with our free-to-use resources, The Energy Advice Hub and Project Net Zero.


For 25 years we’ve been recognised with individual, team and company level award nominations and successes – as well as the being certified by some of the UK’s leading institutions, including The Sunday Times 100 Best Small Companies to Work For, twice.

We are Sustainable Energy First

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